Our specialty is to provide top level IT freelance consultants for assignments of varying duration.

There is an ever increasing demand for specific and sharp IT skills. As many of the more mundane IT tasks have been outsourced in the previous years, there is now a significantly increased focus on the more specific IT skills.

Companies are looking for highly specific IT knowledge to solve specific tasks and projects of short or long duration and it can require many resources to find the right candidate for a specific job.
– That is why we are here to help you.

Our partners are among today’s discerning consumers. When searching information technology professionals for the job, you want of course great value for money – As IT freelance consultants expect rewards for the job as well as tasks and challenges that can provide them with technical progress within their specific area of ​​knowledge. The perfect match occurs only when these requirements and expectations are met on both sides.
Thats where SDC is the matchmaker between firms and IT consultants. SDC scans the market to find the perfect match for both consultant and business.

The IT profiles are rarely found by a regular joblisting as the normal procedure when recruiting cantidates.
It’s all about networking as well as the ability to use it professionally.

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